Where flowers bloom so does hope

I’m sat here writing this whilst watching snowflakes fall from the sky. There’s something calming about watching snowflakes dance through the air don’t you think? January is normally a pretty quiet month in terms of flowers and deliveries. Not many people chose January as a month they would like to get married in as it’s normally pretty grey and miserable. However, this January has been somewhat different… the flower orders have just keep coming! With each order, a little bit hope of brighter times when we can see our loved ones and give them a hug.

If you’ve been following me on social media, you will know that January has been a particularly hard month for myself and our family. Our 12 year old developed a rash on Christmas day which we all thought was just a reaction to new socks has turned into something more serious. We have had numerous doctors and hospitals appointments whilst we try to get his condition under-control. On top of this and like so many others, I’m trying to homeschool our other 2 children and run a business. Although, it has been a major juggling act it’s been so lovely to escape to my happy place (the workshop) and to create something beautiful, to forget everything and just immerse myself in the flowers. I found a quote online “where flowers bloom so does hope’” and I believe that is so true. Flowers have a way on impacting someones mood without them even knowing it, I also make sure I always have a vase of fresh flowers in the house at the moment just to lift my mood. A huge thank you to everyone who has subscribed and have placed an order, you really have given me the outlet that I needed.

This weekend, I celebrated my 40th birthday! I’m still in shock that I’m 40 but I’m told that this next decade is the best so I’m going to embrace it. Looking for the positive instead of the negative and that little glimmer of light that better times are on there way.

Behind the scenes

So whilst weddings are on hold that moment, I’ve been working on other aspects of business. I’ve launched a you tube channel! So far I’ve only been able to upload one video with everything else that has been going on, but my gorgeous husband bought me a new camera for my birthday to make filming video content a little easier. We’ve also been working on the new workshop and will hopefully have that completed by Mother’s Day. I can’t wait to have a calm space again, that’s organised and to share the transformation with you all. I’ve also been working on something else, in the background which will be useful for other florists, watch this space. Our monthly newsletter is also proving very popular, each month we share with you how to create something for your own home. The feedback we received following the DIY Christmas wreath kits, is that this is something you would really like to do more of. In our January addition we explained how to make a bulb vase, so easy but so effective, there’s something quite exciting about watching flowers grow.

January flowers product launches

We want to bring the joy of flowers to everyone, flowers are often seen as a luxury item. However, it’s become apparent that so many of you would like a small bunch just for you! Each month we will be bringing you seasonal flowers. January was tulips, February will be narcissi. These are affordable designs and the perfect pick me up!

Home office flowers – with so many of us spending hours sat at a computer working from home we have launched our ‘Office Companion’ subscription service. Something to make you smile during all those virtual meetings. Choose from fortnightly or weekly deliveries. Your first delivery will come with a small vase for your flowers, the perfect size to sit on your desk. Unfortunately, this office companion can’t make hot drinks and there conversation is somewhat limited but they are guaranteed to make you smile.

Office companion flower subscription

With Valentines day just around the corner, we have launched our 2021 bouquet True Romance, a beautiful bouquet created with seasonal flowers. We’ve also teamed up with the incredible talented Katherine at Cherish Cakes to bring you homemade macrons, which you are able to add to your order. Ladies, start hinting now!

DIY spring door wreath, learn how to make your very own spring door wreath. We will provide you with everything you need to create your own spring wreath including a step by step video uploaded to our you tube channel.

I really do love flowers and the positive effect it has on people. I’ve seen more and more cusomers treating themselves to bunches of flowers s part of their self care routine and it’s nice to see they are putting there needs first. As I learnt the hard way, ‘You can’t pour from an empty glass!’

Sending you all much flowery love

Rebecca Hobbs Bijoux Floral Design

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